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Another child like Evance Antonio needs his opportunity for life-changing care. You can help make that possible right now.

About Evance

Evance comes to CURE from Chigumula, about an hour ride from the hospital. He comes with his father and was admitted on January 7 after being seen during the general clinic. The doctors decided he needed to be admitted asap so the infection could be treated without affecting any more of his left femur. Evance has been dealing with the bone infection known as chronic osteomyelitis for over 3 years, so we're praising God that he'll finally receive the treatment he needs this week.


  1. 01/21/2013 Evance Antonio was discharged from CURE Malawi and is scheduled for a future follow up appointment on February 11. http://bit.ly/YiKRLK
  2. 01/17/2013 Feeling much better, Evance was kicking a ball around the ward with another patient this afternoon. When asked about their financial situation, his father told us that he is a cook in one of the houses in the community and supports the entire family.
  3. 01/16/2013 Evance is feeling much better. He is using a wheelchair to get around the ward. We love to see some of his shyness wear off and a silly, happy boy emerge. The doctors aren't talking about discharge yet so he still has some time here at CURE.
  4. 01/14/2013 Evance's pain level dropped over the weekend but he is still having trouble getting in and out of bed. The wound is cleaned daily and his father is very happy for his care since he arrived at CURE.
  5. 01/13/2013 Congratulations! We met Evance's funding goal together!
  6. 01/11/2013 Evance had a good day, recovering and sleeping. His wound is being kept open in order to clean and monitor any return of infection. Pray for this boy, cleaning the wound daily is a painful procedure.
  7. 01/10/2013 Evance Antonio is in recovery at CURE Malawi. He was feeling ok today, back to his shy self. We had to tease him for about 5 minutes before he took his hands from his face so we could snap a picture.
  8. 01/09/2013 Evance Antonio is in surgery at CURE Malawi. Please pray for him. We hope he wakes up and returns to his old self quickly. He's a ball of laughter and a bit shy.
  9. 01/08/2013 Evance Antonio was admitted during general clinic today at CURE Malawi. Learn more at http://bit.ly/13gctQV http://bit.ly/13gfwsc http://bit.ly/VIC1DQ


We must raise $1000 to support this life-changing procedure for Evance at CURE Malawi. (FAQ's)


Evance's funding goal is closed

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