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Gloria's Case is Complete!

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Gloria's journey of healing is complete! We invite you to read Gloria's story. Click Here to provide the same life-changing chance to another child just like Gloria.

About Gloria

The detriment to having a hospital like CURE in a third world country, is that orthopedic surgery s not always seen as necessary when they don’t have food to put on the table or it is too expensive for them to make the trip from their home to the hospital. People are more prone to accepting and living with unnecessary disabilities in Malawi and other third world nations because of the struggles they face just to scrounge up the basics. It’s refreshing to hear about families who are able put their children’s physical condition at the top of the priority list and are vigilant about getting them treatment, as Gloria Simbeye’s family is about her bowed legs.

Gloria has been coming to CURE clinics ever since she learned to walk and her parents noticed her legs were not as straight as they should be. Previously she was told she was too young to have surgery to correct the bowing as the doctors hoped the problem would correct itself, but she is three now, and there is no sign that her legs are straightening themselves so surgery it is!

Right now, this little girl experiences challenges when walking and is prone to falling when she runs. Her knees don’t bend properly so she struggles with movement overall. This won’t be the case for much longer though, soon she will arrive at CURE for her surgery date and will leave with straight legs, relief from her belabored movement, and two very happy parents.


Most Recent Status

  1. 09/07/2012Gloria's case is complete
  2. 09/06/2012We had the pleasure of meeting with Gloria again at our clinic in Salima. She is doing well and has healed perfectly. Hopefully, this is the end of her medical problems. Thanks for following her story and helping make a difference in her young life.


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Margaret Catalan

Jun 26, 2012

get well soon…

Avery Parker

Jun 26, 2012

get better gloria hope u do loves and kisses , lucky…

MzoneofakindCocoanutz Jones

Jun 26, 2012

sending happiness and alot of love to u baby keep a smile upon ur face ;)…

Amanda Madson

Jun 26, 2012

Get well soon sweetie…

Kaylee Ghiuzelian

Jun 26, 2012

hope u feel better

Angie Roberts

Jun 26, 2012

you are a beautiful child and god will take care of you…

Alexis Sawyer

Jun 26, 2012

i will pray for you

Abbie Snyder

Jun 26, 2012

hey pretty girl i hope you get well soon

PrettyMaemae Alexander

Jun 26, 2012

Hi Gloria How Are You Fine I Hope. I Hope That You Get Your Legs Get Better. You Is A Beautiful Girl

Nancy Pierce

Jun 26, 2012

dear gloria,
i hope your leg get better.


Zoe Bouquet

Jun 25, 2012

get well

TWEET Foster

Jun 25, 2012

best wishes…

Susy Cervantes

Jun 25, 2012


Tina Hernandez

Jun 25, 2012

Hi Gloria! You are in Gods hands. I pray He heals you soon. HUGS. God bless


Tina Hacek

Jun 25, 2012

good luck…

Susy Cervantes

Jun 25, 2012


Sue Claeys

Jun 25, 2012

hi sweety hope you have a good day. feel better soon…

Stefanie Sweetie

Jun 25, 2012

such a goregous girl God Bless u child…

Sarah Milner

Jun 25, 2012

get well…

Sheila Conrad

Jun 25, 2012

Get well soon pretty one !…

Sarah Mann

Jun 25, 2012

Know that our prayers here in canada are with you and we hope that you recieve the care you deserve best wishes…

Pavitra Gupta

Jun 25, 2012

get well soon…

Olivia Williams

Jun 25, 2012

hope you get well soon…

Nane Ngatama

Jun 25, 2012

blessings beautiful!! may you always be protected…

Nina Perica

Jun 25, 2012

hope all is goin well for you…