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About Natoni

Sometimes even professional help does not fix a medical problem. The doctors do their best, but it can, in the end, worsen the original issue or create a new one. For twelve-year-old Natoni Lyson, trips to the hospital have not been filled with warm feelings of thanks for having healed her of her physical ailments, but with a feeling that she will probably be at the hospital again soon.

Natoni suffers from chronic osteomyelitis, or a bone infection, in her right tibia. It first became a problem when she was six and her leg swelled, necessitating her first trip to the hospital. She had an operation at that hospital to relieve the swelling and clean out some of the infection, but as is customary with all chronic problems, it was not gone forever. A year later Natoni’s leg swelled again and she was taken to the hospital again, where they did another surgery, which removed the bone, which had become septic and was exposed because of the infection. Now she has another problem on her hands, as her lower right leg is bent and makes it difficult for her to run and walk properly.

Luckily she can still play net ball, her favorite sport, but it may still be a good idea to stabilize her leg so she can walk and run properly. After all, Natoni wants to be a teacher, and that job requires a lot of standing and pacing during lessons, which could be troublesome if she still has a bad leg. CURE will take care of it for her, and hopefully she will be back to the way she was, before all of this began six years ago.



  1. 07/16/2012 They still haven't found the money to get here because she has yet to be checked in to the hospital. Keep on praying for these guys, and for now, we're going to put her case on standby until they let us know when they can come!
  2. 06/21/2012 Natoni's treatment date has been changed to 07/16/2012 - Natoni and her guardian are having problems getting transportation from their home to the hospital, which is about a five hour journey by a reliable vehicle. Let's pray they find the funds and the appropriate form of transportation soon!
  3. 06/19/2012 Natoni's treatment date has been changed to 06/25/2012 - Still no Natoni! We're trying to get ahold of her to see what's happening. Keep her in your prayers.
  4. 05/31/2012 Natoni's treatment date has been changed to 06/11/2012 - We're still having problems with Natoni's case and we are hoping everything will work out soon. Please keep praying for her!
  5. 05/10/2012 Natoni's treatment date has been changed to 05/28/2012 - We got ahold of someone in our efforts to track down Natoni and get her to the hospital for surgery. Unfortunately that person does not live near Natoni or know where Natoni lives. So we have some more investigation to do, but at least we have someone who is willing to help us now!
  6. 04/13/2012 Natoni's treatment date has been changed to 04/30/2012 - Natoni still has not been in to the hospital. We are trying to reach her to see what's going on. Keep her in your prayers please!
  7. 04/03/2012 In less than a week she should be here! Pray she makes it to the hospital in time and ready to go!
  8. 03/06/2012 It's nearly time to get that leg cleaned up! We'll see her soon!
  9. 02/10/2012 Congratulations! Natoni's funding goal has been met!
  10. 01/27/2012 Natoni surely isn't comfortable with that infection in her leg. She will be here in a few months, but until then let's pray for her comfort and endurance.
  11. 12/20/2011 A new photo for Natoni Lyson
  12. 12/20/2011 A new photo for Natoni Lyson
  13. 12/20/2011 A new photo for Natoni Lyson
  14. 12/20/2011 A new photo for Natoni Lyson


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