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About Dumisani

Boys are supposed to be tough, that is the stereotype they are always given. When I think of little boys I think of toy trucks smashing against each other, little hands picking up worms and sweaty, dirty little guys who fight mom when she says it’s time to come in and take a bath. Dumisani Mwinibwalo, a four-year-old with knock-knees, fits this stereotype perfectly.

Dumisani is a very active boy who thoroughly enjoys playing soccer and playing toy cars with his friends. He will even tell you he is going to be a professional soccer player when he grows up. But Dumisani is held back from reaching his full, ornery and troublesome little boy potential by the fact that his knees turn inward. It doesn’t cause him to play or move any differently than the other kids but he is made fun of a lot. His peers call him names and sing songs with the words “Kiss Mabondo” which means his knees are kissing each other. Dumisani is a tough guy though, and he takes it all in stride.

Both Dumisani and his mother, Lukia, are very excited for the surgery to correct his knees. I don’t think this four-year-old little guy is scared at all, in fact I know he’s not because of the big plans he has, once his legs are fixed. Dumisani says he is going to fight all of those people who called him names when his legs were crooked because then his legs will be better for fighting. While that may not be the best idea, no one could ever say Dumisani isn’t a “real boy!”



  1. 09/21/2012 Dumisani has missed his follow-up appointments but that doesn't mean he's not doing ok. Will update if he checks into the clinic at CURE.
  2. 08/28/2012 Dumisani's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 08/28/2012 - We called Dumisani yesterday and talked to his dad. He is doing well, he's walking just fine now. He was supposed to come in last week for a follow-up but they didn't make it in. They said they would come in today though so we'll keep an eye out for him!
  3. 04/03/2012 Dumisani's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 04/23/2012 - Dumisani is just the sweetest little guy, look at that smile! He got to go home yesterday, but we'll be seing him in the hospital again soon for a check-up!
  4. 04/03/2012 A new photo for Dumisani Mwinibwalo http://bit.ly/Hbpa35
  5. 04/03/2012 A new photo for Dumisani Mwinibwalo http://bit.ly/Hcw1v9
  6. 04/03/2012 A new photo for Dumisani Mwinibwalo http://bit.ly/Hbp3o6
  7. 03/30/2012 Dumisani is in recovery at CURE Malawi - Dumisani may be the first kid who was happy to be in surgery, mainly because he got his picture taken and got to see himself with all the crazy monitors attached to him, but still. His surgery went very well and he's on his way to recovery now!
  8. 03/30/2012 A new photo for Dumisani Mwinibwalo http://bit.ly/HpBmQx
  9. 03/29/2012 Dumisani is receiving treatment at CURE Malawi
  10. 03/28/2012 Dumisani's treatment date has been changed to 04/03/2012 - We apologize for the lack of information for a while. Dumisani had been sent home as he had some sores that needed to heal before he could have surgery. He's back now though, and ready to go this time!
  11. 02/27/2012 Dumisani has arrived at CURE Malawi - That cute little guy is in the ward and ready to go!
  12. 02/08/2012 Cute little Dumisani will be here in just a few weeks now. Can't wait to see those chubby little cheeks running around the ward!
  13. 01/13/2012 It won't be long now before those chubby cheeks and knock knees are in the hospital. Keep Dumisani and his family in your prayers as they prepare to come to to the hospital for surgery.
  14. 01/13/2012 Congratulations! Dumisani's funding goal is met!
  15. 11/30/2011 Dumisani is scheduled to be with us on February 27


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