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Mussa's Case is Complete!

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Mussa's journey of healing is complete! We invite you to read Mussa's story. Click Here to provide the same life-changing chance to another child just like Mussa.

About Mussa

Before arriving to Malawi, I believed I had a good grasp of what perseverance and hard work was. Achieving something, anything, despite major or minor difficulties. Now I know, I never knew a thing. Mussa Umali has been diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. A condition most die from at or soon after birth, but if one manages to survive longer, they are plagued with brittle bones that fracture at nothing, severe bone deformity, and severe chronic pain. Mussa survived, and is the strongest boy I know.

Mussa doesn’t only survive he has the strength and the courage to take on the day with a new hope. He said in his interview, he believes he will be healed, but most importantly, if he isn’t helped, he says, “I will be fine.” He will continue to live and be happy. He has almost become unaware of how difficult it is to have any disability, let alone, the one Mussa suffers from. He survives because he loves living, despite his difficulties.

Fortunately Mussa does not carry his burden alone. After being publically humiliated, then abandoned by his father because of his disability, Mussa moved back to his mother’s village with his mother and siblings. After hearing the news, Mussa’s uncle, left his home and moved in with Mussa and his family. During our interview there was a break in the uncle’s character and he became visibly emotional when talking about his relationship with Mussa. Though emotions, here, are rarely expressed outwardly, one can still feel the intensity, the distress the love and the pain, where it’s written on their worn faces. He said, “this is what God has given us, and it’s our responsibility to do whatever we can.” This included years of carrying Mussa on his back, working to feed the family, and taking care of any other business that involved Mussa. The love between the two of them seems even stronger than a bond between father and son and it’s beautiful. Though Mussa’s mother has since remarried and is very supportive of the family, Mussa’s uncle continues to live with them and not only supports Mussa as an uncle and a confidant, but also a shining example of the strength Mussa already displays at such a young age.



  1. 08/26/2011 Mussa and his entire village
  2. 07/20/2011 We met up with Mussa in his village. He's still going through physical therapy, but pictures speak for themselves
  3. 04/05/2011 Mussa missed his review date. Look out for a home visit update! Keep him in your prayers!
  4. 03/21/2011 Mussa's treatment date has been changed to 03/28/2011
  5. 03/10/2011 Looks like Mussa won't be needing another surgery but will still be reviewed on the 28th. Pray for quick healing!!
  6. 02/15/2011 Mussa went home last night after he was just reviewed. He and his uncle will be back again on the 28th of March to decide when the final surgery date will be!
  7. 01/31/2011 It was a family reunion at CURE today. Mussa is also back with us. He looks great! Update on next surgery coming soon.
  8. 12/13/2010 Mussa Goes Home 4 Now
  9. 12/06/2010 Mussa in casts, out of surgery. He'll be in hospital until he's ready for his next surgery
  10. 12/06/2010 Despite a painful surgery, Mussa managed to give me a smile
  11. 12/03/2010 A new video was posted for Mussa Umali

  12. 12/03/2010 A new photo was posted for Mussa Umali
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  14. 12/02/2010 A new video was posted for Mussa Umali

  15. 12/02/2010 Congratulations! Mussa's funding is complete!
  16. 11/29/2010 Because of Mussa's condition, his next scheduled treatment on Dec 3 will not be last surgery he'll need. Please keep tracking with his story and tell your friends!
  17. 11/29/2010 Mussa's treatment date has been changed to 12/03/2010
  18. 11/22/2010 A new photo was posted for Mussa Umali
  19. 11/22/2010 A new photo was posted for Mussa Umali
  20. 11/22/2010 A new photo was posted for Mussa Umali
  21. 11/22/2010 A new photo was posted for Mussa Umali
  22. 11/19/2010 A new photo was posted for Mussa Umali


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