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About Joyce

Sweet and shy are the words that came to the top of our minds when we met Joyce. She had been watching TV while standing on top of her bed. Almost impulsively after we called her, she quickly slid down from where she was and lied down on her bed, hiding her face on the bedcovers right behind her mother. As we talked to her mother, she sat up and listened as her story was narrated and her mom’s experiences at having bore a child with a disability. Immediately, after Joyce was born her mother attempted to get treatment for her, but unfortunately at the time most doctors were on a nationwide strike. Because of this problem, it was not possible to access treatment at the time. When the strike finally ended, Joyce was started on serial casting, a process that her mother felt was too rigorous and produced very little results even after three years.

No one in their family or village had ever seen the condition, so no one was in a position to give them advice about what to do or what doctors to see. Thankfully, Joyce has been patient and uncomplaining as her mother went about looking for solutions for her daughter. “She has never asked me why she is different, never asked me why she was born like that,” Eunice told us. “Her school mates have also never been mean to her about being different and they would patiently walk with her to and from school even when she dragged them behind due to pain.”

Eunice told us that Joyce often tries on other kids’ shoes in the hopes that one day she will be able to wear normal shoes instead of her rain boots that she wears now.

As her daughter gets ready to undergo surgery, Eunice is determined to get as much information about clubfoot as possible. She is determined to let as many mothers know about clubfoot in her area as possible and hence reduce the amount of time it will take their children to get proper intervention - either surgically or non surgically. We definitely thank God for allowing us to have met them and we pray that he will help them in their quest to help others who find themselves in their situation.


Most Recent Status

  1. 04/23/2014Joyce's surgery was postponed today due to a very busy orthopedic conference and an equally hectic outpatient clinic. Joyce didn't seem to care and took to playing with Legos in the playroom with several other kids! She is scheduled for surgery Thursday. •
  2. 04/22/2014The simple fact that the boat didn't have wheels didn't stop Joyce from having fun and scooting around the playroom. She pushed herself all over the place, no wheels needed! She is a girl that gives out smiles very rarely, but we will try to get one out of her while she is with us! • •


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