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Eric's Funding is Closed

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Another child like Eric Simiyu needs her opportunity for life-changing care. You can help make that possible right now.

About Eric

Eric is really soft-spoken, and so soft-spoken that when we initially started talking to him, we thought he was faking it. So we confirmed it with his mother, Mary, who also proved to be equally soft spoken. When Mary realized that her son had a condition, she took him immediately to a hospital and was advised on the best way to have her son’s condition treated. She went home, excited to share the information with her family. The rest of the family did not match her excitement. Even though the prospects of surgery seemed impossible, Mary’s prayers for her son continued and fourteen years later, God answered her prayers through a teacher in Eric’s school. “I am happy that he is finally getting surgery and then he will get a prosthesis and he will be able to walk like a normal child,” Mary told us, smiling at the exciting prospects. It's going to be a great week with these two, for sure.

Most Recent Status

  1. 01/16/2014We are still hoping to see him at the mobile clinic sometime. Please keep him in prayer that he is coping well post operation and that God will make a way for him to come for follow up soon.
  2. 06/21/2013Another miss :-(


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