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About Eric

Eric is really soft-spoken, and so soft-spoken that when we initially started talking to him, we thought he was faking it. So we confirmed it with his mother, Mary, who also proved to be equally soft spoken. When Mary realized that her son had a condition, she took him immediately to a hospital and was advised on the best way to have her son’s condition treated. She went home, excited to share the information with her family. The rest of the family did not match her excitement. Even though the prospects of surgery seemed impossible, Mary’s prayers for her son continued and fourteen years later, God answered her prayers through a teacher in Eric’s school. “I am happy that he is finally getting surgery and then he will get a prosthesis and he will be able to walk like a normal child,” Mary told us, smiling at the exciting prospects. It's going to be a great week with these two, for sure.


  1. 07/31/2014 Eric was with us this week. It was finally time for him to come and get a prosthesis and he was definitely excited about it. The process was long and involved a lot of fitting, adjusting and re-adjusting, but when the process was finally over, Eric walked out of our Orthopedic workshop on two limbs for the first time in his life. It will take a while for him to get used to his new leg, but we are sure that with time, this will introduce him to new found freedom.
  2. 01/16/2014 We are still hoping to see him at the mobile clinic sometime. Please keep him in prayer that he is coping well post operation and that God will make a way for him to come for follow up soon.
  3. 06/21/2013 Another miss :-(
  4. 04/16/2013 We did not see Eric at the clinic in Eldoret clinic, but we hope to do so in June when we go back there.
  5. 02/08/2013 Congratulations! We met Eric's funding goal together!
  6. 02/04/2013 Eric Simiyu was discharged from CURE Kenya and is scheduled for a future follow up appointment. We will see Eric again at our mobile clinic in Eldoret come March! Learn more at
  7. 02/01/2013 We went to see Eric this morning, and he was listening to a podcast in Swahili. We asked him what the message was about, and he said hope. We found that so fitting, as we are all waiting anxiously and hoping for the day when Eric is walking with two legs! We also just caught word that Eric will be with us over the weekend! Please continue to pray for him as he recuperates from surgery physically and mentally.
  8. 01/30/2013 When we went into the ward this afternoon to check on Eric we caught him snoozin' away! Maybe tomorrow he will feel more like himself!
  9. 01/29/2013 Eric Simiyu is in recovery at CURE Kenya. Learn more at
  10. 01/29/2013 Today is bitter sweet for Eric, Its always hard when one of our CUREkids has an amputation, but the future is so bright! Although today may be very difficult, we are anxiously anticipating the day he receives a prosthetic and can walk with two legs!! Please join us in praying for Eric and the journey he has ahead!
  11. 01/29/2013 Eric Simiyu is in surgery at CURE Kenya. Learn more at
  12. 01/29/2013 Eric is heading back to the OR, pictures from surgery coming yall's way!
  13. 01/28/2013 Here is Eric's sweet mother Mary!
  14. 01/28/2013 Here is a picture of Eric's condition! We are so excited for his future!!!
  15. 01/28/2013 Hey everybody, meet Eric!!


We must raise $1000 to support this life-changing procedure for Eric at CURE Kenya. (FAQ's)


Eric's funding goal is closed


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