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Another child like Mary Wairimu Gathoni needs his opportunity for life-changing care. You can help make that possible right now.

About Mary

Mary is in the middle of a family feud, which often means being no part of the cause and yet suffering from a lot of the effects. It all started with Mary’s mother, Gathoni, to whom Mary is the firstborn child. According to Emily, Mary’s maternal grandmother, Gathoni is the family’s “black sheep.” Emily explained to us, “[Gathoni] began being rebellious when she was a teenager. From the get go, I knew I would have issues with her, but I never imagined the issues could be to this extent.” She then went on to narrate numerous issues that Gathoni had taken the family through, and after years of bad decisions, all of Gathoni’s siblings were tired of her. They couldn’t understand why Emily kept taking her back, and finally, they all just made a decision to never have anything to do with their sister again. Unfortunately, that decision also applied to their nieces, Mary and her younger sister Mumbi.

So as Mary grew up mainly in the care of her grandmother, it became clear that she had a condition that hindered her walking. Emily took her to a hospital where the doctors advised her that surgery was the only way to deal with the condition. Knowing she couldn’t provide the means for an operation on her own, Emily approached her children for help, and the sting of the promise to ignore Gathoni transcended a generation. They wanted nothing to do with their niece and were perfectly content to let Mary reap the consequences of her mother’s past decisions. So Mary went without surgery.

When Emily brought her granddaughter to us a few weeks ago, she prayed to God, asking Him to make a way. “I am trying for the last time,” she told me, “and if this one does not work, then my conscience is clear, and even God knows that I tried.” We are so thankful God has brought her to CURE, because we know she will receive not only wonderful surgical care, but spiritual counsel on going forward in her life. Please join us in making a decision that Mary can finally experience good rewards from!


Most Recent Status

  1. 03/25/2014Mary went home today. We were going to get a picture of her on crutches leaving the hospital, but she snuck out on us! Haha! We will have to get another picture of her when she comes in for her cast removal which should be May 7th. We will keep you updated with her progress.
  2. 03/24/2014Mary went into surgery on Thursday to correct her remaining knock knee. She was awake the whole time and was listening to music and talking to our anesthetist John. She even wanted to see the surgery photos while she was still under the knife. We politely refused. :) http://bit.ly/1m1YBTt


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