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About Sherline

Sherline’s mother Catherine had never seen a cleft lip before, and so when she gave birth to her baby girl at home, she immediately rushed her to a nearby hospital to find out what had happened. The doctors explained the condition to her and immediately directed them to us. Catherine didn’t waste time in bringing Sherline for a consultation, but unfortunately, operation requirements slowed them down a bit. Because Sherline wasn’t heavy enough for surgery, the waiting game began. But their patience definitely paid off, and at 5 months old, her cleft lip is now a thing of the past. At this point, the waiting game resumes as she approaches 1 year old, the time period when she’ll be eligible for her palate surgery. And soon enough, it too will be joining her cleft lip in the history books, and just think, she probably won’t even remember.


  1. 07/05/2013 Sherline did not get surgery this time round, but we have another stint of ENT surgeries in October,so we shall be looking out for her then.
  2. 02/27/2013 ...and then her surgery date changes again. This time it is because the ENT team that comes to operate on our babies had to move their visit to June. So, God willing, lets look out for her in June.
  3. 10/25/2012 Sherline's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 02/25/2013 - Sherline was unable to make it here for her procedure! We do have ENT docs coming back in a couple months and will do everything we can to make sure she makes it here and gets on the surgery schedule ! Stay tuned!!
  4. 10/15/2012 Sherline's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 10/22/2012 - Just talked to Sherline's father, he is planning to come by next week to bring Sherline :-). God willing she will fulfill all the requirements for surgery. Please be praying for them as they continue to make plans.
  5. 07/20/2012 It has been quite a hustle trying to track down this little lady, but the effort was well worth it : ) After speaking with her father we have resolved some miscommunication and now plan on seeing her in October for the next ENT. Doctors will decide at this review if she is old enough to continue in the cleft palate repair ! Stay tuned and keep praying for Sherline.
  6. 07/16/2012 Sherline's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 10/15/2012
  7. 07/12/2012 She did not come for her follow up but am sure she is looking as beautiful as ever :-)
  8. 06/28/2012 Congratulations! Sherline's funding goal is met!
  9. 05/09/2012 Sherline's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 07/04/2012
  10. 03/24/2012 Sitting with her mom Catherine in the patient waiting area :) http://bit.ly/GNqRCb


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Sherline's funding goal is closed


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