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Lydia's Case is Complete!

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Lydia's journey of healing is complete! We invite you to read Lydia's story. Click Here to provide the same life-changing chance to another child just like Lydia.

About Lydia

Lydia doesn’t know for sure if a little accident she had in second grade was the cause of her problem. But at the moment, she has nothing else to blame for her current foot deformity. So for now, the story is that after school one day, she went outside to play & ended up getting her foot severely mangled by a barbed wire fence. First aid didn’t do much for the pain and swelling that ensued, so she was taken to a local hospital. While admitted there, doctors apparently operated on her, putting steel supports in her foot.

Fast forward six years. The steel supports don’t seem to be working, and her foot looks seriously angled. Unfortunately, the angling seems to be increasing, which is why her father Daniel got concerned enough to seek medical intervention. Lydia has also started experiencing pain now. “Walking has now become painful and strenuous, especially when I walk long distances,” she told me. But the biggest concern for Daniel has been the shoe expense - “The more severe the foot becomes, the faster she deforms her shoes, so the more pairs we have to buy.”

Now about one month from surgery, we’re planning a procedure for Lydia that, God willing, will help get everything straightened out. My short time with her revealed a pleasant young lady, even though she remained politely quiet and attentive during most of our time together. I can’t wait to have more time to really get to know her when they come to Kijabe, and I think the barbed wire story won’t hold a candle to the story of healing God’s given us the chance to tell.



  1. 04/04/2014 Lydia Wakio's case is complete! Learn more at http://bit.ly/xKJfay
  2. 04/04/2014 Guess who is now discharged??? Yep, Lydia is now officially done with her treatment with us at CURE, its been close to two years but we thank God that the process is successfully over for her. She was happy to let us take one more photo of her, holding the brace that she has been using and of course showing off her very well corrected foot. We thank God with her and pray that God will lead her here on. Thank you so much for having been part of her process, either by praying for her or even by giving financially to her surgery, may God truly bless you.
  3. 07/30/2013 We did not see Lydia at the clinic but we hope and pray that she will be there in October when we go back to her home area for the next mobile clinic.
  4. 02/27/2013 We were not expecting to see her until April but she pleasantly surprised us by coming for the clinic last week. She is now preparing to join high school and that is why they came back so early. She is still diligently following up on all the post surgical instructions hence the good results. God willing we will see her again in July.
  5. 02/27/2013 This is what her foot looks like now, AWESOME.
  6. 09/27/2012 Lydia's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 02/21/2013
  7. 09/27/2012 Her foot is well corrected, she has good muscle control and she might only need to use her brace for six more months . God willing we will see her in six months. http://bit.ly/S3234V
  8. 07/31/2012 Lydia's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 09/27/2012
  9. 07/31/2012 She came to the clinic bright and early, got her cast removed then was reviewed by our doctors. She is doing well and we hope that continues until we see her again during the next mobile clinic in her home area. http://bit.ly/Pjkaw0
  10. 06/01/2012 Lydia has such a beautiful smile :-). So, she came to the clinic yesterday, got off the cast she was on so that our Orthopedic guys could mould a brace for her foot, then she was re-casted. God willing we should be seeing her again in July. http://bit.ly/KD4Ywh
  11. 05/31/2012 Lydia's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 07/26/2012
  12. 05/16/2012 Lydia's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 05/31/2012
  13. 05/16/2012 Lydia after she got her cast removed today. She is doing very well, she has achieved good correction but she had small blisters so she had to get her foot dressed first before having it recasted. She is now home bound and we will see her again in Meru. http://bit.ly/JI6LO7
  14. 03/26/2012 Lydia's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 05/16/2012 - Well, unexpectedly, Lydia was discharged this weekend, but the good thing is, it means she's recovering awesome so far! We're now scheduled to see her here in Kijabe in May to take the pins out and recast her, so please continue praying for her until then :)
  15. 03/22/2012 A lot went on in her surgery, but here's my attempt to sum it up: after getting her foot opened up, Dr. Mbugua worked to release some of the stiffness in her joints and tendons. Lots of scraping, separating, and chiseling, then to top it off, drilling in pins to keep the new shape of her foot in place. Success :) Now that she's recovering, please be praying for her! http://bit.ly/GPqiK8
  16. 03/22/2012 Lydia is in recovery at CURE Kenya
  17. 03/22/2012 At last, Lydia is headed in for surgery! Can't wait to see the results, and I'll let you know how it goes :) http://bit.ly/GFavwE
  18. 03/22/2012 Lydia's treatment date has been changed to 03/22/2012
  19. 03/19/2012 Lydia has arrived at CURE Kenya
  20. 02/27/2012 Congratulations! Lydia's funding goal is met!
  21. 02/23/2012 Let the countdown begin to seeing this sweet face again :) http://bit.ly/zB2O1V


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