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About Lazarus

When I first sat down with Lazarus, he was accompanied by a woman who I assumed to be his mother. But as we started talking, I felt like something was off…like there was something I was missing. Well, there was. The woman with Lazarus was Damiana, his aunt and, as she put it, his “mother to be.” At that point, I decided to ask Lazarus to go outside and play with some of the other kids, because it seemed obvious that Damiana had some explaining to do.

In 2003, Lazarus’ mother passed on, leaving behind her five children, of which the youngest was 3-year-old Lazarus. Now he had been born with two clubfeet, and his mother had taken him to get casted early on. But when an infection developed, his mother was too scared to continue with the treatment. After she died, Lazarus’ condition was left unattended since he and his siblings had only their elderly grandmother to look after them. When Damiana married into the family, she felt compelled to help & convinced her husband that they should take in his late sister’s children. She also managed to enroll Lazarus in a special school & began seeking treatment for his clubfeet. Referring to the task of bringing up Lazarus & his siblings along with her own 3 children, Damiana told me, “Ni ngumu sana,” which translated means “It’s very hard.” Suddenly tears began to fill her eyes as she started to cry, gently wiping them away with the shawl she had wrapped around her. After composing herself, she said, “Sometimes it all overwhelms me, but I can see the physical changes that are happening in him, and I believe there is more that is happening within him and his siblings. It gets so hard and strenuous, but I know in the long run it will be worthwhile.”

Last year marked the first significant step in Lazarus’ treatment as he successfully went through his first surgery. So now with his right foot corrected, they have returned to us for surgery number two on his left foot, and I’m so excited for the opportunity to continue on this journey with them. Damiana’s commitment to stand by her nephew, despite the emotional and the financial strain, is nothing less than inspiring, and I’m thankful that God’s given us the opportunity to bear the burden with her.


Most Recent Status

  1. 12/02/2013Lazurus got his cast removed- without much struggle :-). Plans are underway to get him a brace for his right leg so that the condition does not reoccur. We will review him again in the new year.
  2. 10/09/2013Lets be looking out for him when we return to his home town, Machakos for a mobile clinic.


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