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Another child like Ervin Okoth needs her opportunity for life-changing care. You can help make that possible right now.

About Ervin

Ervin was born normal, but at 9 months old, he was diagnosed with tuberculosis. The result was a severe cough, becoming underweight, difficulty breathing, frequent vomiting, and finally his feet began to bend. As any other mother would be, Rosemary was alarmed. She sought for advice. Her confidants’ advice ranged from going to different hospitals to holding special prayer meetings to performing or attributing it to witchcraft. Luckily for this Christian family, witchcraft was not amongst the options that they considered.

From my own assessment, Ervin is very bright, but a bit reserved. He doesn’t talk much and remained silent and cooperative through the entire interview. His mother confirmed my impressions, telling me that he is naturally quiet and very intelligent, however she was not able to take him to school as early as she would have wanted because of her desire to correct his condition first.

After several hospital visits, they were directed to CURE, and this past January, Ervin went through his first operation. Rosemary says she has seen marked improvement, so they’re both very optimistic about his second surgery. “I want to go back to Kijabe,” he usually tells his mom, “and have my other leg straightened so that I can be like the other kids in my class.” That statement has changed from past tense to present tense, and now his future is looking even brighter than before.


Most Recent Status

  1. 01/16/2014We missed him when we visited Kisumu on Tuesday, because he did not show up for his appointment. We hope he will be there when we go back there in a few months.
  2. 12/02/2013With Ervin's condition, it takes a while to notice much progress. As we examined him last month- there was evidence of a bit of bowing and external rotation and that means there is need for additional surgery for him. He will need to come with X-rays during our next visit to his home town to help the doctors decide on the way forward.


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Jamie Lise

Sep 20, 2012


i hope you get the treatment you need to help you enjoy being a child again….

Olivia Drew

Sep 20, 2012

I hope you great better im praying for you….

Ka Lee

Sep 20, 2012

Hi Ervin,
I hope you get well soon so you can enjoy the world with everyone!

Love from a friend!…

Selena Daniels

Sep 20, 2012

i hope u get well …

Michaela Dannielle Mason

Sep 20, 2012

Hi honey! I wish you always smile! And may all your dreams come true! Be a good boy! Michaela….

Kristine Huhta

Sep 20, 2012

Keep strong Ervin. thinking of you always :D from a 8th grader minnesota USA…

Kat Sanchez

Sep 20, 2012

Hello Ervin, i wanted to stop in and tell u hello nd hope that u are happy! =)…

Abbie Bempa

Sep 20, 2012

all the best…

Bethany Firman

Sep 19, 2012

I hope you get well Ervin…

Debbie Donckers

Sep 18, 2012

you are very cute and adorable i hope one dqay i could actually meet you and we could start talking by the way im 13 how…

Twist Morgan

Sep 17, 2012

Hi, sweetie. You are absolutely adorable. I can’t express how happy I am for your surgery. I’m positive it will go…

Taomi Lytle

Sep 17, 2012

The Lord has blessed you Ervin , God loves you and church is where over 60 people pray for you every sunday, yes we do….

Simone Goldfarb

Sep 17, 2012

Ervin I wish you the best. I hope your leg becomes in the best shape it can be. I’ll keep you in my prayers….

Jennie Mason

Sep 17, 2012

Hello Ervin….I pray that you will get well soon. God bless you….

Holly Helton

Sep 17, 2012

good ,luck…

Sharna Porter

Sep 17, 2012

Hello Ervin, I hope that your care goes well and your up and playing soon! sending you prayers and lots of hugs and…

Kayla Anthony

Sep 17, 2012

I hope you feel better soon!…

Princess Lewis

Sep 17, 2012

get will…

Kadian Basden

Sep 17, 2012

i hope you get well…

El Linder

Sep 17, 2012

dear Ervin may god bless you may he heal all your wonds an make you stronger….

Chantdell Shearer

Sep 17, 2012

i hope you have a wonderful recouvery and get better soon…

Belle Bee

Sep 17, 2012

Hey Ervin! I just wanted to send you good luck and tell you God is watching over you :) I am praying for you right now!…

Chantdell Shearer

Sep 17, 2012

i hope you have a wonderful recouvery and get better soon…