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Another child like Alauca Itzayana Montes needs her opportunity for life-changing care. You can help make that possible right now.

About Alauca

Marita gave birth to her baby girl, Alauca, eleven days ago. She is a single mother and lives with her aunt who helps her take care of the baby. Marita's situation wasn't easy to begin with, and when her little girl was born with clubfeet it was even a bigger blow. Thankfully she was immediately referred to CURE where she was told that her baby could be treated, and now that Alauca is getting treatment at just eleven days of age, she will have an easy treatment that will most likely not require an operation. Although the treatment time is potentially lengthy, because of this early intervention Alauca is looking towards a future with strong and healthy feet, giving her a brand new start on a rough beginning. She will be able to grow up and run and play along with everyone else and not have to suffer with this easily correctable deformity.

Treatment Note

Alauca is suffering with clubfoot, but as an infant our doctors have determined that her condition can be treated through a less-expensive multi-stepped casting process called the Ponseti method. As a result, Alauca's care will be reflected in (instead of one surgery) a series of updates throughout the casting process.


  1. 11/21/2012 Alauca's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 12/10/2012
  2. 11/21/2012 Alauca is scheduled for followup at CURE Honduras
  3. 11/21/2012 We are happy that we were able to reach Alauca's grandmother and now she has been reschedule for a followup appointment next month!
  4. 11/12/2012 Alauca has missed her appointment at CURE Honduras
  5. 08/21/2012 Alauca's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 10/22/2012
  6. 07/11/2012 Alauca's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 07/23/2012
  7. 06/25/2012 Alauca is continuing with bars shoes and will be back in one month.
  8. 03/19/2012 continuing with bar shoes and daily feet therapy- progressing well! http://bit.ly/FRtx7G
  9. 02/20/2012 Alauca's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 03/05/2012
  10. 02/20/2012 Alauca is now using bar shoes, and here the doctor is showing her mother how to do daily exercises to improve her foot condition http://bit.ly/wqUP03
  11. 02/06/2012 Alauca's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 02/06/2012 - Alauca has gradutated to bar shoes and will be back in two weeks to check her progress.
  12. 01/23/2012 Congratulations! Alauca's funding goal is met!
  13. 01/16/2012 Alauca's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 01/23/2012
  14. 01/16/2012 Alauca with her second set of casts http://bit.ly/wVSMZq
  15. 01/09/2012 Meet Alauca http://bit.ly/wJrFky
  16. 01/09/2012 Meet Alauca http://bit.ly/yblqHl
  17. 01/09/2012 http://bit.ly/z7XinO
  18. 01/09/2012 her little feet prior to treatment http://bit.ly/zPKnYO
  19. 01/09/2012 Meet Alauca http://bit.ly/zHl6bS


We must raise $250 to support this life-changing procedure for Alauca at CURE Honduras. (FAQ's)


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