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About Leul

"We are happy to have found a place that could give us all the help Leul needs." - Girmaye, Leul's Father

Leul is a 4th grader who has a dream of becoming a professional soccer player. Leul was on a waiting list at another hospital for his thumb problem but he didn’t get the chance to be treated. When his parents heard about CURE they came right away. He lives here in Addis Ababa with his parents and older sister.



  1. 09/19/2014 Leul came right up to us this morning to hi. As soon as the camera came out, he would playfully hide his face. We were lucky to snag this shot! He is doing so well! Thanks for your prayers!
  2. 09/18/2014 Leul has been in a great mood all day. We were being silly in the Operating Room waiting area prior to him going in. He was fearless and seemed to actually have lots of fun! His surgery went smoothly and he is now in recovery! Please pray he feels well tomorrow after resting tonight!
  3. 09/18/2014 Leul was having a lot of fun hiding from us this morning. He kept going behind his grandmother and hiding his eyes, then behind the curtain and finally he ran outside and waited on us to follow him.
  4. 09/17/2014 Leul has been having fun playing on the CURE playground for quite some time now. He smiled and said "Hi!" when we were walking over toward him. He is so friendly! He has surgery tomorrow morning. Will you lift him up in prayers tonight?


$1000 of Leul's life-changing treatment will be supported by a generous CURE Bed Sponsor. (FAQ's)


met $1042

needed $958

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