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Another child like Aduniyas Birhanu needs her opportunity for life-changing care. You can help make that possible right now.

About Aduniyas

This little boy's parents took him all over Ethiopia trying to find a place that would help their son. His condition is hard to tell from a photo or even when he walks, but as he gets older it will only worsen until it causes him a lot of pain and starts to hinder his everyday life.

Other hospitals told the family that there is no operation for his case in Ethiopia, which is true with the exception of CURE. When they visited the last hospital- Black Lion- they were referred here, and now he is scheduled for surgery in the next month.

Aduniyas is a very happy child. His parents are bankers, and even though they make a decent living compared to many others in this country, the income is still not enough to support their son's operation. Thankfully, CURE can provide free care for him, and the family can rest easier knowing this disability won't be a burden later in his life.


Most Recent Status

  1. 04/17/2014Aduniyas came in for his follow-up and he is doing great! And he is walking fine without any support. The doctors say his x-ray shows a good healing on the osteotomy sites. We will see him in three month for another follow-up. http://bit.ly/1jMgAgd
  2. 03/20/2014Aduniyas is doing great! The doctor says his x-ray shows his wounds are healing well and everything looks good. we will see him in a couple of weeks for another follow-up.


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