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Another child like Edelawit Getachew needs his opportunity for life-changing care. You can help make that possible right now.

About Edelawit

Edelawit is so cute that it hurts. She needs a surgery for her left hip. Her family realized that she was limping when she started walking. They took her to another hospital then were referred to CURE. Her father is retired, and the surgery Edelawit needs is not affordable for this family.

She will need what is called a hip open reduction where the doctor will go in and place the hip into the right spot. She also may need what is called a femoral shortening to shave down the bone in her leg so that both are even.

Edelawit is a happy little girl. She loves to play. Now it will just be easier for her to cut up and run around! We can't wait to see her back at CURE in June for her operation.



  1. 02/13/2013 Edlawit's x-ray picture from today. She is doing very well, her hip is in the right place and everything looks great. We are going to see her after a year for another follow-up. http://bit.ly/X1Zv6p
  2. 11/13/2012 Edelawit's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 02/13/2013
  3. 11/13/2012 So happy! that she don't have to be in a cast any more. The doctors saw her today and they say her hip is in it's right position and she doesn't need the cast, but she will be back after three months for a follow-up. . http://bit.ly/RA2lwX
  4. 10/08/2012 Edelawit's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 11/13/2012
  5. 10/04/2012 Edelawit is in recovery at CURE Ethiopia
  6. 10/03/2012 Edelawit's treatment date has been changed to 10/03/2012
  7. 08/17/2012 Edelawit is scheduled for followup at CURE Ethiopia
  8. 08/13/2012 after her cast change http://bit.ly/OdUXWu
  9. 08/13/2012 Edelawit's treatment date has been changed to 09/25/2012 - Edelawit is back at home continuing her recovery. She'll be back next month to hopefully get that cast removed.
  10. 08/08/2012 Edelawit is in recovery at CURE Ethiopia - She's got her new cast on now, and she's sleeping soundly in the ward.
  11. 08/08/2012 Edelawit's treatment date has been changed to 08/08/2012 - She's getting a cast change today.
  12. 08/07/2012 http://bit.ly/Mq6Q8G
  13. 08/07/2012 Edelawit got admitted today so that she can get a spica cast change sometime this week, most likely tomorrow.
  14. 08/07/2012 Edelawit has arrived at CURE Ethiopia
  15. 07/12/2012 Congratulations! Edelawit's funding goal is met!
  16. 06/27/2012 Edelawit's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 08/07/2012
  17. 06/22/2012 Even rocking a spica cast, this girl is smiling. She is the happiest little child! http://bit.ly/Ln9QpH
  18. 06/19/2012 Edelawit is in recovery at CURE Ethiopia
  19. 06/19/2012 Edelawit's treatment date has been changed to 06/19/2012
  20. 05/11/2012 Edelawit walking at her first appointment. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0B4hC6x6F94&feature=youtu.be


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Valia Kalentine

Jun 25, 2012

get well…

Titania Mason

Jun 25, 2012

Hi sweetheat, I want you to know that you are very beautiful and you be anything you want to be Stay strong princess. I…

Taylor Campbell

Jun 25, 2012

hi so glad u are better u are so cute! …

Tiffany Ferguson-Williams

Jun 25, 2012

you are so cute i hope you get better you little tootsie roll…

Lynnie Thomson Cairns

Jun 25, 2012

hope it goes well little angelxxxxxxx…

Susy Cervantes

Jun 25, 2012


Sunshine Wilson

Jun 25, 2012

I hope you get well soon you have some good magic in you…

Silma Fraser-Lake

Jun 25, 2012

hi my name is lovely you are very beautiful girl get well soon love you ….

Tabitha Ridgway

Jun 25, 2012

feel better soon. …

Shlomit Aviva Dana

Jun 25, 2012

gwt well soon…

Shirley Kitchens

Jun 25, 2012


Sarah Parker

Jun 25, 2012

Hi Edelawit,

I hope you get better soon! You have a lovley name i would do anything to have your name.
bst wishes…

Sarah Milner

Jun 25, 2012

get well…

Romulo Sandoval

Jun 25, 2012

i hope you get well soon

Ricardo Mendiola

Jun 25, 2012

Get Well Edelawit For Your Hips To Get Well And Get Well Bye Love Caesy :)

Pauline Tuilefano

Jun 25, 2012

Hello sweetheart, I’m sorry to hear that your not doing well..I hope you get better soon….

Olivia Williams

Jun 25, 2012

get well soon and may god bless you

Nadine Cook

Jun 25, 2012

Let your smile shine like the sun to help everyone you met grow….

Megan Reyburn

Jun 25, 2012

Hello there… I hope you get better and hopefully you will live a happy life, just remember a smile is a girls best…

Maude St-Hilaire

Jun 25, 2012

Hi Edelawit I hope you a beautiful life :)…

Makayla Texley

Jun 25, 2012

get better soon

Majah Flath

Jun 25, 2012

Edelawit i hop you get better soon your in my prayers…

Lena Ng

Jun 25, 2012

I hope you feel good…

Lisa Wilson

Jun 25, 2012

get well…

Lindsay Edell

Jun 25, 2012

get well…