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About Mohammed

Mohammed's right leg has been deformed his whole life, and there would be no hope for him to ever walk using both legs unless he gets an amputation below the knee. Although this is sad news, it is the only chance he has to run around with other little boys his age. After he heals from surgery, he will be able to get a prosthesis. I'm told that children learn especially quickly how to deal with prosthetics. In the rural area, they often use peg legs since they are inexpensive and since the children grow so rapidly, they can change them out when necessary.

Mohammed comes with a group from CBR (Community Based Rehabilitation), where he is taught how valuable and special he is, despite the insults he's heard his whole life. He says that people call him sebara, which is a mean term for "crippled". At CBR, though, he is learning to live with his disability and given tools to learn and become educated.

Mohammed loves to play with his friends from CBR, and his 5 sisters and 9 brothers. Yes, he has 14 siblings! Needless to say, the surgery he requires would be impossible for his family to afford on their own. CURE is so happy to be able to provide the operation this little boy needs. He is in Grade 1, and he wants to become an office worker when he grows up. This is an extraordinary kid. Please pray for him as he deals with the loss of his leg, and gains hope to walk in the future.



  1. 07/27/2012 Mohammed's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 01/22/2013 - He's not sick anymore. He's back at CBR, and we'll see him again at CURE for his 6 month appointment.
  2. 07/17/2012 Mohammed has arrived at CURE Ethiopia - His leg is healed, but he has been a little under the weather so he is going to see our pediatrician.
  3. 06/05/2012 Mohammed's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 07/17/2012
  4. 06/05/2012 He's just as charming as usual. He is healing beautifully, no complications, not to mention he has the best attitude I think we've ever seen. His dad says "Thank you so much to everyone who has helped."
  5. 04/26/2012 Mohammed's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 06/05/2012
  6. 04/23/2012 Mohammed's treatment date has been changed to 04/23/2012 - This kid is so special. He came in today for a dressing change. I've never seen a kid come in after surgery to get a dressing/cast change without an anesthetic then go straight back to playing outside. I've yet to catch him not smiling. I'm going to be so sad when he gets discharged!
  7. 04/20/2012 Mohammed is doing pretty well. He says that he is in some pain, but he is wheeling himself around outside nonetheless. What a trooper.
  8. 04/18/2012 Congratulations! Mohammed's funding goal is met!
  9. 04/18/2012 Warning: some of the photos I posted are graphic. If that is unappealing to you, I wouldn't suggest scrolling through them. But, great news! Mohammed is in recovery, and his dad is excitedly waiting outside the OR for him.
  10. 04/18/2012 He had a big smile on his face as they wheeled him into surgery. He says he is ready.
  11. 04/18/2012 Today is a big day for our friend Mohammed. His right leg will be amputated below the knee. Please pray for his physical and emotional recovery from this operation.
  12. 04/17/2012 Mohammed arrived today with his father and the caregivers from CBA. He had a big smile on his face.
  13. 04/09/2012 With his friends from CBA; two brothers who are also CUREkids.
  14. 04/09/2012 Help Mohammed get the surgery he needs, and pray for his strength as he recovers from losing the part of his leg that he cannot use.


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