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Ayane's Case is Complete!

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Ayane's journey of healing is complete! We invite you to read Ayane's story. Click Here to provide the same life-changing chance to another child just like Ayane.

About Ayane

It may look from her photo as if Ayane does not have a left leg, but that is because it is bent upward behind her. Ayane was burned at birth, but she does not know how it happened. She does not speak Amharic, which is the language that most of the people speak here in this part of Ethiopia so our interview is very difficult.

She comes with a group of other children from a home called "Alemachen". This is a place for children whose parents cannot take care of them. Here they learn and play with other children that experience the same stigma and stereotypes that they have dealt with on their own.

One of the main caretakers at Alemachen tells me that Ayane is very quiet and does not seem as happy as the other children. This could be due to the fact that communication is harder for her, but it could be something else that we do not know. Hopefully her time here at CURE will soften her up and possibly open her up to the other children or staff here. One good thing is that some of the nurses speak her language, and we've had several other kids in the ward that speak it as well. Whatever the case is, God has a plan for this little girl, and thankfully it includes releasing her knee that has been bent backwards for her entire life.

Please join me in following Ayane's story as she gains more strength and confidence, and I'm sure several friends along the way on her journey to healing.



  1. 10/30/2012 Ayane's case is complete
  2. 10/30/2012 Her treatment is completed. Thank you everybody whose supported her on this journey. http://bit.ly/W22VZO
  3. 10/30/2012 Ayane started walking without any support. http://bit.ly/UdiWFt
  4. 10/03/2012 Ayane is so happy, which makes us happy! We love that beautiful smile. http://bit.ly/UETSHO
  5. 10/02/2012 Ayane's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 10/30/2012 - Ayane is still recovering at the Alemachen House. We're headed over there today to visit her and some of the other CUREkids that stay there.
  6. 08/29/2012 We were happy to see Ayane again yesterday at CURE. She's still recovering at the Alemachen House with all of her friends. It's still amazing to see her transformation. http://bit.ly/NBSK4D
  7. 08/28/2012 Ayane's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 09/25/2012
  8. 08/28/2012 Ayane's treatment date has been changed to 08/28/2012 - She's here for a follow-up. She looks great! And more importantly, very happy.
  9. 08/01/2012 Ayane's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 08/14/2012 - Ayane is still doing wonderfully. We went to visit her yesterday at the Alemachen House, and she had that beautiful smile plastered onto her face. We painted nails, and she helped to paint some of the younger kids' nails, too. She'll be back at CURE for another follow-up in the next few weeks.
  10. 07/10/2012 Ayane's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 07/24/2012 - Ayane is still doing really well. She wasn't here for her follow-up last week or at the clinic this week, but we went to visit her at the Alemachen House, and she had that big beautiful smile on her face. We hope to see her back here soon.
  11. 06/05/2012 http://bit.ly/ND0bdy
  12. 06/05/2012 The transformation she's had at CURE, and at the Alamachen House where she is also being cared for, has restored her in more ways than one. For a girl that expressed her physical pain through the sadness in her eyes, to experience the joy in them now is beyond incredible. http://bit.ly/M2SmuS
  13. 06/05/2012 Ayane's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 07/03/2012 - Today we saw Ayane smile for the first time since knowing her. It was magical. Thank you everyone whose supported this young girl as she's gone through this physical and emotional transformation. You do more than you'll ever know.
  14. 04/17/2012 Ayane's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 06/05/2012 - Ayane was here earlier today for her follow-up appointment. She was in a lot of pain but was still smiling. She'll be back in June for her next appointment. Until then, please keep this sweet girl in your prayers.
  15. 04/04/2012 Ayane's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 04/17/2012
  16. 03/30/2012 Ayane is still in a lot of pain from her operation. She was trying so hard to hide her pain last night when we were all watching a movie in the ward, but I could here her breathing really shallow and holding back cries. Please pray for her comfort.
  17. 03/26/2012 sorry that some of these are a little bit graphic, but I feel like they're necessary to see what it was like to skin graft her leg. http://bit.ly/GNzkrr
  18. 03/26/2012 Ayane is in recovery at CURE Ethiopia
  19. 03/26/2012 Ayane's surgery is quite extensive. She is getting a skin graft from her upper thigh to replace the burnt skin that has been removed from behind her knee and lower thigh area. Please pray for her as she enters recovery. She will be in a lot of pain during her healing. The good news, though, is that she will be able to straighten her leg for the first time since she's been an infant.
  20. 03/26/2012 Ayane is receiving treatment at CURE Ethiopia
  21. 03/26/2012 Ayane has arrived at CURE Ethiopia
  22. 03/10/2012 Congratulations! Ayane's funding goal is met!
  23. 03/09/2012 Hopefully her time at CURE will put a smile on her face. If not, I'm sure that having the use of both of her legs in the future will. http://bit.ly/zPTbZQ


$1000 of Ayane's life-changing treatment is supported by a generous CURE Bed Sponsor. (FAQ's)


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