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Exodus's Funding is Closed

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Another child like Exodus Zekne needs his opportunity for life-changing care. You can help make that possible right now.

About Exodus

When she is just standing still, it is hard to tell that Exodus has any sort of disability, but as soon as she starts walking it is obvious that there is a problem. Her right foot is a clubfoot which has caused her knee a lot of pain, and because of that it is very difficult for her to walk or run without falling.

Exodus is a very energetic kindergartner. She loves to play with her friends, and thankfully she has not experienced any bullying because of her disability.

One of the sweetest things I learned about Exodus is that she has always wanted to grow up to be a doctor so that she can help other children with physical challenges. Her family brought her to CURE because someone they know had a successful surgery, and they knew this was their chance for hope. Her parents tell me that they are most excited for their daughter to be able to run without worrying about her getting hurt from falling down. We are excited about that, too!



  1. 11/01/2012 Exodus's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 11/27/2012 - We expected to see Exodus back for her followup a few weeks ago, but she hasn't arrived at CURE for that yet so we are still waiting. We will project her next follow-up date even though it's not for certain
  2. 04/10/2012 Exodus's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 10/09/2012 - Exodus came to CURE yesterday to be fitted for a special shoe. Unfortunately I was in surgery with another CUREkid and was not able to get a picture of her. Her next appointment is in 6 months. When she comes back, she should be walking perfectly normally with the help of her heightened shoe.
  3. 04/03/2012 Exodus's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 04/09/2012 - Exodus is doing great! Her leg is healing beautifully. She will be back this upcoming Monday.
  4. 04/03/2012 Exodus has arrived at CURE Ethiopia
  5. 02/28/2012 Exodus's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 04/03/2012
  6. 02/23/2012 The family and nurses praying before surgery, and it was a success!
  7. 02/23/2012 Exodus is in recovery at CURE Ethiopia
  8. 02/23/2012 Exodus is receiving treatment at CURE Ethiopia
  9. 02/22/2012 walking before surgery

  10. 02/22/2012 Exodus has arrived at CURE Ethiopia
  11. 02/22/2012 Exodus's treatment date has been changed to 02/23/2012 - Exodus' treatment date has been changed for tomorrow.
  12. 02/10/2012 Congratulations! Exodus's funding goal is met!
  13. 02/03/2012 This one has no problem taking photos. There are many more to come!


We must raise $1000 to support this life-changing procedure for Exodus at CURE Ethiopia. (FAQ's)


Exodus's funding goal is closed


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