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Fundraising tips

Some tips when trying to fundraise and find support for your cause.

1. When you set your goal, stick with it! Having a clear end date and amount that you are working toward will be really beneficial for both you and the people supporting you.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask others for support. The best way to accomplish your goals is with the support of family and friends: spiritually, emotionally and financially.

3. GIVE THOSE WHO YOU ARE ASKING FOR SUPPORT DETAILS ABOUT YOUR GOALS. Break it down to make things easier for them to understand. So, if you are raising $500 then you say, “I only need 5 people to give me $50 and 10 people to give me $25 to reach my goal!”

4. ASK big! No goal is too high and if you want it you can get there. So, don’t be nervous or scared of a goal that you want to reach. You are helping kids after all!

5. Clearly state what the money is going towards. It is important that your supporters really understand whom they are helping when they support you. Make sure they realize the impact their support has on both you and the CUREkids.

6. Keep your family and friends informed. Send out email updates about your journey. Where are you with your goals and how you are doing? Let them know in a letter or email. Ask them to join an email group and send them frequent updates.

7. Use your social media tools to update those supporting you! Change your timeline cover photo, start a Facebook page where people can follow your progress or an event page where you can keep people up to date with a specific dates like a race or fundraiser.

8. STAY POSITIVE. Everyone can get a bit discouraged with the fundraising process, but remember, when you are done you will have helped many more people than just yourself.

9. WHEN YOU ARE DONE LET ALL YOUR SUPPORTERS KNOW YOUR RESULTS! Your supporters of any kind deserve to know and be thanked for their help! Even if you didn’t meet a certain goal, your hard work is the equivalent of your success! So, send them thank you letters for all they did and include the results of all your hard work.


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