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change a child's life forever

Apply your fitness goal to bring a child with a disability one step closer to surgery.

Note: CURE Champion is not accepting applications. For inquiries, email

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CURE’s Champion program connects your fitness and sports goals with the needs of a physically disabled child across the world. These children, unable to walk, run, and play, suffer from conditions that are correctable.

You, along with other champions, will partner with your friends and family to build support and raise money towards your financial goal to heal them. Because we want to see you meet your goals, CURE has partnered with a team of awesome trainers and coaches who are ready to help you achieve your fitness and fundraising objectives.

fitness + support = a cure

that will allow a child to...

Get started on the Right Foot

Once you’re accepted as a Champion and have customized your page with a photo and first update, we'll send you a package with everything you'll need to get started, including a Champion t-shirt, a CURE water bottle, and more.

Take a trip to cure hospital

When a team meets their goal, CURE will select one Champion from that team, along with a coach, for a free trip* to one of our hospitals.

Join a team of champions

We know that there is strength in numbers. So when you become a champion, you join a team of champions, all working towards the same goal.

You, or you and a group of friends, apply to become champions. Once you're accepted, you will be placed on a team alongside 50-100 other members. As a team, you will have a team fundraising goal that is set by your coaches. You'll work together to reach that goal.

Along with encouraging each other as a team, you will raise support from friends and family to help you reach your own individual goal of at least $500.

When your team meets its goal, one person, along with one of your coaches, will be chosen for a free trip* to a CURE hospital, where you'll see the amazing work we do.

Most importantly, the lives of children around the world will be forever changed by your hard work and dedication. When your team comes to a close, CURE will share the stories of the children you helped to heal.

The coaches

Note: CURE Champion is not accepting applications. For inquiries, email


Once you apply to be a Champion, CURE will choose who is placed on a team based on the quality of the goals as well as the passion for success presented in the application. You will be notified via email if your application is accepted, as well as when you have been placed on a team. If your application isn’t accepted, you’ll be considered for subsequent Champion teams. While we wish we could place every applicant on a team, we may not have enough space to accommodate each person. So, if you are not selected for a team, we encourage you to re-apply!


Teams are groups of individuals across North America and beyond. When an application is accepted, you’ll be assigned to a team. Team members will have 100 days from the time the team begins to reach their financial goal to qualify for a trip.

*Trip Qualification and Rules

To be entered to win a trip, you must raise $500. Winners and coaches from multiple teams will be assigned to a single trip. Trips will occur twice a year. CURE will make every effort to accommodate a Champion’s availability; however, if you cannot attend the trip you are assigned to, your position will be forfeited to another qualified team member. CURE will cover the cost of airfare and lodging and will provide a stipend for meals, varying by location. Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian at their cost. Winners will be allowed to invite a friend or family member to travel with them at their own cost. Friends and family must also meet the minimum age limit of 18.

Coaches and Team Communication

The Champion program uses Facebook groups to facilitate communication between coaches and team members. Every question and comment submitted will be publicly viewable by your team and coaches. Coaches will do their best to respond in a timely fashion, but as they have graciously volunteered their time, please extend the courtesy and respect they deserve. Misbehavior in the group, such as profanity, slander, or intolerance of any type, will not be tolerated. Immediate action will result with consequences up to and including removal from the team or legal action.

Additional Terms & Conditions

By submitting this application you agree to release and hold harmless, CURE International and its volunteer coaches from injury or distress to yourself or your team resulting from any advice, comments or communication from CURE International or its volunteer coaches obtained through participation in the Champion program.

Pictures submitted to the Champion group on Facebook or directly to CURE International may be used as promotional material for future Champion marketing efforts.