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New photos of the Tebow CURE Hospital

Our newest hospital, the Tebow CURE Hospital in Davao City, Philippines, is making progress toward completion! We recently received these new photos of the hospital with the windows installed. It’s exciting to see the building start to take shape.

Tebow Windows 1

Tebow Windows 2

The hospital, a 5-story, 30-bed orthopedic surgery facility, will serve the underprivileged population of the Philippines. It will specialize in pediatric orthopedic surgery, treating congenital limb abnormalities, post-trauma fracture and burn repair, clubfoot correction, and bone infections. The Tebow CURE Hospital will also house the first international Timmy’s Playroom, expected to be the largest playroom built to date.

We are looking forward to an expected opening date in 2014. Will you join Tim and CURE in support of our future CUREkids in the Philippines?

Construction Photos from Tebow CURE Hospital

Stephen Miller, CURE’s VP of International Operations, is visiting the Tebow CURE Hospital construction site in the Philippines and sent back these photos. Things are really coming together well!

Something Wonderful: Continued progress at Tebow CURE Hospital

We are making definite progress at the Tebow CURE Hospital! These pictures we taken Monday. All of the workers were sleeping or resting…it was noontime. They are hard workers and I did not want people to think, “Hey, all of those guys look like they are slacking!” So, sit back and enjoy the tour of the wonderful progress going on here!

Vision becoming reality

Vision becoming reality

Reception area.

Reception area.

Love the stonework

Love the stonework

Registration area.

Registration area.

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Tebow CURE Hospital construction pictures

Work continues to progress on the Tebow CURE Hospital in Davao City, Philippines. Check out the pictures below!

Something Wonderful: A Work in Progress!

We are settled back in the Philippines after a nice long vacation in the States. We had a few weeks before school started, so we went to the hospital to check on the progress. It is coming right along. I have lots of fun reminiscing about the project in Niger and the first days of being there. This building is quite different, but the cement smells the same, and the feelings of great expectations are all the same, too! So is the grittiness of something wonderful and new being constructed. Can’t explain how excited I get when I enter this place already! Hope you enjoy these pictures; feel free to ask questions. As you will see, the rooms are labeled but there are no windows or doors. The kids were a little freaked out getting too close to wide open spaces… it is a five-storey building after all!

The exterior of the Tebow CURE Hospital, Davao, Philippines

IMG_2843 IMG_2844 IMG_2846 IMG_2841

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CURE In the News: Week of May 13, 2012

CURE Uganda

CURE gives hope to babies” from New Vision


CURE Afghanistan

Life and war in Afghanistan” (photo) from the Washington Post


CURE International

High School Students Impact Society With Senior Projects” (photo) from Gingham Patch


CURE Philippines

Time for Tim” from Philippine Daily Inquirer


CURE in the News: Week of January 8, 2012

CURE Afghanistan

Working at CURE: Local nurse helps women, children in Afghanistan” from the Times and Democrat

CURE IN KABUL: Orangeburg nurse recalls work in Afghanistan hospital” from the Times and Democrat


CURE International

Play a game and help CURE children” from Mission Network News

Wayne, Pa. Company Helps Create ‘A Better World’” from CBS


CURE Philippines

US football hero to build hospital in Mindanao” from the Mabuhay Radio

Tim Tebow Foundation To Build Hospital In Davao” from Philippine Daily Mirror

Tim Tebow takes time to meet families in crisis amid hoopla of playoffs” from the Florida Times-Union

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CURE in the news – week of November 14, 2011

We were excited about this week’s announcement of the Tebow CURE Hospital to be built in the Philippines.  It looks like we weren’t the only ones:

Tim Tebow foundation to build hospital” from the Associated Press/ESPN

Tebow foundation announces plans for hospital” from CBS News

Tebow’s foundation to open hospital in the Philippines” (video) from FOX31 Denver

Tebow Foundation To Help Build Children’s Hospital In Philippines” from Read the rest of this entry »

Tim Tebow Foundation Partners with CURE International

Tim Tebow Foundation Partners with CURE International to bring physical and spiritual healing to the world’s poorest children


Jacksonville, FL  (October 25, 2011) – The Tim Tebow Foundation today announced its partnership with CURE International.  The Tim Tebow Foundation’s mission is to bring faith, hope, and love to those needing a brighter day, and this partnership will directly benefit children throughout the developing world who suffer from treatable physical disabilities.  CURE International, which exists to provide both physical and spiritual healing, operates programs and hospitals in 20 countries and has performed more than 121,000 surgeries in its 14-year history.

“I am truly excited about this partnership with CURE International,” said Tebow.  “When I learned about what CURE does and how intentional the organization is about sharing the gospel and healing children, I knew it would be a great partnership.” Read the rest of this entry »