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CURE Oasis takes on NYU Abu Dhabi

NYU (yes, that NYU) has a campus in the United Arab Emirates, and the staff of CURE Oasis formed a football (soccer) team and offer them a friendly challenge!  It’s all in the spirit of building bridges, as  Trey Hulsey, vice president of patient relations at CURE Oasis, explains:

NYU Abu Dhabi is in its 2nd year of having students here in the UAE. They are in the process of creating a formal athletics department, and are still in the beginning stages. We formed a team and this was our first match competitively. We lost 8-2 (sad) but had a lot of fun.

We want to develop a relationship with NYU Abu Dhabi so that their students can have opportunities to learn more about Oasis Hospital as well as about the wider CURE network of hospitals. We hope to be able to take a group of students to one of our other hospitals so they can see another environment in which CURE works.

Check out the photos of team Oasis from the game!