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Mead Minutes: The gift of hope

Greetings from the desert!! My-oh-my, we had rain this last week!! I was able to get outside and feel the cool drops gently soaking my shirt and speckling my glasses. The rain was not a big thunder-booming affair, but rain in the desert is a welcome change. Even a few puddles formed in the wadi and on the streets.

Sometimes I think we focus too much on all the problems around. True, it is hard to ignore, and we should not ignore the evil that kills kids in schools. We live in a world full of problems. At times, though, we need to stop and celebrate some of the good things in our lives as well. We may enjoy a good night’s sleep, a meal with friends, freshly baked cookies, an interesting bug, a striking painting, a funny dog, or the smell of rain. I am always touched by the giggles and smiles of children. Read the rest of this entry »

Insights into Niger

Leron Lehman, the executive director of our new hospital in Niger, shared some insights into the challenges the country currently faces.

You can read the article here.

Please keep that country in your prayers. Also please keep everyone in the hospital in your prayers as they prepare for its scheduled mid-October opening.