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Orioles help out CURE DR


CURE DR (Dominican Republic) has worked with the Baltimore Orioles in the past, and the relationship has been beneficial to both organizations.  Recently, the Orioles announced a gracious donation of physical therapy equipment to CURE DR.  Dave Walker and Manuel Lopez, from the Orioles, recently came to CURE DR to deliver the first part of that donation. The second part of the donation — mostly heavier items, like hand and ankle weights — will come in a container in January.

Thank you, Baltimore Orioles, for your continued support of CURE DR!

An Oriole Sighting at the CURE D.R. Hospital

As a kid, I was a huge Philadelphia Phillies fan. But the Baltimore Orioles were always my second team. And when they beat the Phillies in the ’83 World Series, I could at least console myself with the fact that my second favorite team had won.


Members of the Baltimore Orioles Dominican Republic staff and CURE employees with a hospital patient and mom

So, I was pretty excited to hear about the relationship our hospital in the Dominican Republic is building with the Orioles’ organization.

As you may be aware, baseball reigns as the premier sport in the Dominican Republic, which is a major source of players for Major League Baseball. As a result, many major league clubs, including the Orioles, have established training centers in the Dominican Republic.

Over the last year or so, the CURE hospital has begun to talk with several teams to explore partnership opportunities. Baseball is such an important part of the fabric of Dominican culture. Most kids with physical disabilities in the D.R. want to be able to play baseball. Our hospital makes that possible. So, it would seem like a natural fit.


CURE D.R. doctors (from far left), Dr. Dan Ruggles and Dr. Ted Beemer, at the Orioles' complex

Robbie Jackson, the hospital’s interim executive director (and currently Texas Rangers fan in mourning), shared with me that the relationship with the Orioles has progressed nicely.

Orthopedic surgeons from the hospital, Dr. Ted Beemer and Dr. Dan Ruggles, have visited the Orioles’ complex to give physicals to the team’s Dominican prospects and to meet the staff.

The Orioles returned the favor as several members of their medical and training staff toured our hospital in Santo Domingo.

Robbie said the Orioles have invited Dr. Ruggles to attend their spring training opener in Florida next year. The hospital is talking with the team about some other potential activities.

It’s exciting to consider the possibilities of these types of partnerships with the Orioles and other teams.

We’ll be sharing more with you over the next few months.