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CURE Clubfoot in Cambodia

CURE Clubfoot Cambodia has been working to eliminate clubfoot in that country since 2007. The years of hard work are paying off: in their current medical training program, 45 health care professionals from provinces around the country are participating, learning how to permanently correct clubfoot without surgery. What is even more encouraging is the presence of government officials and workers from other NGOs like the International Red Cross, Handicap International, and World Vision.

The inagural program was chaired by Prof. Chhour Y Meng, Director of National Pediatric Hospital, while Dr Prak Piseth Raingsey, Head of Healthcare programs for the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Cambodia inaugurated the training. In her inaugural speech, Dr. Raingsey assured full support to recognize the work of CURE Clubfoot Cambodia.

CURE Cambodia Event ParticipantsCURE Cambodia Clubfoot Event