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Meet Brisnely

When you see your child in pain, your heart breaks, your mind races, your whole being is consumed with comforting and consoling your child, trying to take away his fear and pain.

But there is a balance in motherhood. A time when your child falls and bumps her leg. She screams, but you know she’s ok. This is the time when your mothering instinct kicks in and you console her and encourage your precious daughter to be strong but continue on. You watch other mothers, your mother, your aunts, cousins and friends. You learn from them. You lean on them for support and confirmation that you are doing it right.

Yuberkis learned from her mother. She leaned on her for support and help while beginning to raise her own daughter, Brisnely, after her husband left.


Brisnely and her mother, Yuberkis

If an absent husband wasn’t enough, more tragedy struck. Yuberkis’ mother passed away. She depended on her mother for help with her two children. Now, she needed to find care for them since they were too young for school as she tried to earn enough to put food on the table each day. Some days there just wasn’t enough. But Yuberkis loved her children and would do anything for them.

Just when things seemed that they couldn’t get any worse, Yuberkis’ eldest child, Brisnely (only 4 at the time), fell and badly injured her elbow. As Yuberkis’ mothering instinct kicked in, she lifted Brisnely up by her elbow to comfort her. She didn’t realize how badly she was hurt.

Brisnely Before surgery at CURE

Brisnely Before surgery at CURE

Yuberkis wept when she realized what she had done. She had no idea this injury was more than just an innocent spill, and she had accidentally made it worse.

Her husband had left, her mother had died, she could barely provide for her children’s daily needs, and now she had brought pain to her precious daughter. Something had to change. With all her energy, Yuberkis sought healing for Brisnely, first being told that nothing could be done and then finding a doctor who damaged Brisnely’s broken arm even further with his treatment. But then she found CURE.

Brisnely after surgery at CURE

Brisnely after surgery at CURE

Now Brisnely, at age 7, has received healing and through this healing Yuberkis’ has come to faith.

Throughout all of this, a mother’s love and her determination to provide the best for her children never ends. Yuberkis is also sharing CURE with others. She sent two more mother’s in her community to the hospital. She wants them and their children to receive the same healing that she and Brisnely experienced.


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Cheering on the All-Stars

Two weeks ago, I set foot in a baseball park for the first time in 25 years. Oddly enough, it was the same park, but new and expanded. My family isn’t known for their sports ability or enthusiasm… so what drew me there? It was CURE night at the Senators’ minor league baseball game in Harrisburg, PA, and my daughter was throwing out a ceremonial first pitch to represent CURE.

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Thinking of Thankfulness

Days ago I found myself thinking about last year at this time, when I had just returned from a trip to Kabul and how thankful I was for my time with the mothers there, and about Thanksgiving and what it means to be truly thankful. I also started reflecting on the Psalms and God as the object of our praise.

In the midst of this, I was drawn back to our monthly prayer guide archives….pages and pages of prayer and praises over the years of CURE’s existence.

And what did this piece of CURE history show? It showed that God’s love endures forever. It showed that the praises lifted up over the years by CURE staff and friends were too numerous to count. It showed that history repeats itself.

Although I could list pages, I’ll share just a few with you…

2003. Praise God. CURE Malawi has celebrated its Grand Opening.
2010. Praise God. CURE Niger has celebrated its Grand Opening.

2003. Praise God. Our ENT team has just finished their two week stint in Kenya.
2010. Praise God. Our new ENT department has opened in Zambia.

2004. Praise God. CURE DR has reached out successfully with pediatric care for the disabled children of Haiti.
2010. Praise God. We are continuing to affect the lives of disabled Haitians through our counseling efforts and proper medical care.

2005. Praise God. Our first OR is operational in Afghanistan.
2010. Praise God. Our construction and renovation of the private ward in Kenya is complete.

2004. Praise God. Our first CURE sponsored mission trip to Honduras is complete and all team members have arrived home safely.
2010. Praise God. Our volunteers continue to share their talents, time and fellowship in spite of the challenges of Afghanistan.

Since 1998, in every year, over and over again, the same praise is heard:

Praise God. My child has been healed.

Praise God with me and the families around the world whose lives have been touched by God through your faithfulness.