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Something Wonderful: Savoring Moments

I have been so inspired by Ann Voscamp’s book 1,000 Gifts. I am learning to find joy in the dailies and live with a grateful heart. I have been challenged to slow down and savor time moment by moment. Tuesday was a day full of savoring moments. I would say that Tuesday is my busiest day by far.  Each place I went and each  thing I did, I purposely did not watch the clock and I just dove into that time and place.  Some Tuesday moments: Read the rest of this entry »

Josh & Julie Korn: Massa

Hannatou, demonstrating a project to a patient

Hannatou is the CURE Niger hospital’s social worker. She is amazing with the patients and their families. She recently started a project which aims to teach them some practical skills. Twice a week she runs cooking, crafts, and sewing workshops for the patients and their families (mostly mothers and grandmothers). The goal is to teach the women how to cook/make things that they can benefit from and maybe even sell to earn a bit of money.

These workshops also give them something to do while they’re at the hospital. Some mothers and children have to stay at the hospital for weeks or months because they come from far away and, if they went home, it would be really hard for them to come back for their follow up appointments. A lot of the time, they just kind of sit around, so it is great seeing them getting involved in these different activities. Read the rest of this entry »

Mead Minutes: Seeking the vision

Good morning from the desert!!  We still are within the cool mornings of the Emirate winter time.  A cup of hot coffee and a warm quilt chase away the morning chills in the flat.  Today I walked across the road and sat overlooking the wadi.  The wadi is the dry riverbed winding its way through Al Ain.  Although I have yet to see any animals but a few birds or other interesting disturbances to the path, I still find it a place to relax.  Across the way are a group of small date farms which do offer a respite from the sun and a scenic place to walk later in the day.  Jana and I enjoy an evening stroll through the trees. Read the rest of this entry »

CURE in the News: Week of February 19, 2012

CURE Afghanistan

Adult Day Care of Northern Kentucky sends hats to CURE International in Afghanistan (PDF)” from Community Foundation of Northern Kentucky

US adviser aids Afghan military hospital’s lab staff” from US Forces – Afghanistan


CURE International

Farmville for do-gooders: The Wayne-based video game studio that’s making the world a better place” from Technically Philly


Parents of clubfoot children meet with Chief Minister of Kerala, India

The Honorable Chief Minister of the State, Shri. Oomen Chandy, congratulated the team of orthopedic doctors from the Government Medical College and CURE India team on the success of the treatment provided to children born with clubfoot. The Chief Minister and the Health Minister interacted with the parents of children born with clubfoot, who are successfully undergoing treatment at the government medical colleges at Thiruvananthapuram, Alappuzha, Thirssur, Kottayam & Kozhicode. The parents thanked the government for providing world-class modern treatment free of cost in public healthcare system. During this occasion, Shri. Chandy inaugurated “Snehapurvam,” a state-level awareness program launched by CURE India to scale-up public awareness of clubfoot and also raise funds to help children get complete treatment. Read the rest of this entry »


As many of you know, my wife recently completed her doctorate in physical therapy and joined our team at the CURE Children’s Hospital of Uganda. This week, we had the privilege to watch her and her colleague Lucy, also a physical therapist on staff, conduct training sessions with the mothers of patients who are presently on our ward. Read the rest of this entry »

Picture of the Week: Sunset in Addis Ababa

Mary Bernard: The Father’s Great Love

This little baby girl had surgery this week to correct a congenital dislocation of her hip. She was born with one of her hips out of the hip socket. If this isn’t corrected she won’t be able to walk.

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The Importance of Community

beach at Da Nang, Vietnam

Early one morning, while I was staying at a hotel in Da Nang, Vietnam, I took a walk along the beach. It was probably six o’clock when I stepped out of my hotel room and made my way down to Da Nang Bay along the Pacific Ocean. When I arrived at the water’s edge, I looked down the beach and saw hundreds of local Vietnamese people all dressed in long black pants and black shirts. Almost like an uncoordinated flash-mob, they were all doing stretches and yoga-type movements.  The whole scene took me by surprise and seemed very surreal.  My first thought was that I had happened upon a kung fu camp being hosted by the hotel, except for the fact that each person was acting independent of the others with no sign of a leader calling out instructions or orders. As I walked down the beach in my blue sweatpants and white t-shirt and extraordinarily white skin, I stood out like a sore thumb. People were nonchalantly staring at me, though they did not break the concentration of their exercise routine. I continued to be amazed at the sheer numbers of people and the commonality of their actions. Read the rest of this entry »

Early 2012 activities in CURE Clubfoot & Hydrocephalus programs

Jim Cohick at CCW training event in Haiti

I cannot believe we are already nearly two months into 2012, yet in other ways I feel farther down the 2012 timeline. I have had a busy schedule since the first of the year with trips to Honduras and the Dominican Republic, and meetings in Washington, DC. As I write this, I have just completed a week-long trip in Haiti (my first trip there). For the remainder of the month, my plans have me in Boston, then off to Uganda for about eight days.

In Honduras, the primary reason for my trip was to connect with the CURE Clubfoot Worldwide (CCW) Honduras coordinator, Grace, and medical director, Dr. Vasquez. He is extraordinarily busy, so most of my time was spent with Grace. Dr. Jay Bridgeman, an expat orthopedic surgeon whom I met on my prior visit, is involved with a number of initiatives that combine efforts of CCW and the CURE hospital in San Pedro Sula. Read the rest of this entry »