Nursing Students from Wisconsin Lutheran College Visit CURE Zambia


CURE Zambia is always thrilled to receive visitors from abroad, and the latest group of visitors was no exception.  CURE Zambia hosted ten nursing students and three instructors from Wisconsin Lutheran College last week.  The 3rd year nursing students came to Zambia to learn different perspectives on nursing in developing nations as part of their course work.

“We wanted to become acquainted with nursing patients from different cultures,” said Rebekah Carey, assistant nursing professor and chair of the school of nursing at WLC.

The nursing students gave gifts to the patients and spoke to the mothers of patients during their time at the hospital.  They also played with the children in the Children’s Ward and even witnessed their very first live surgery in the operating theatre!

Rebekah Carey chose CURE Zambia based on her experience living and working in the country.  “I love Zambia!  The people are lovely, so it was the natural choice,” she said.  Rebekah discovered CURE International on the web and was pleasantly surprised to find CURE had a hospital in Zambia.  She got CURE Zambia contact info and quickly called Peter Kyalo, CURE Zambia’s executive director, to ask if it would be okay to bring her students to the hospital.  And the rest, as they say, is history!

“This student program has been such a success that we are looking to host them again next year,” said CURE Zambia matron, Judith Obison.  CURE Zambia hopes to see our friends from Wisconsin Lutheran College again this time next year!

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