The Mission of CURE


CURE's mission statement is:
CURE International, healing the sick and proclaiming the kingdom of God.

Those words come directly from Jesus' own instructions to his disciples - first to the twelve and then to the seventy. The partnership of healing the sick and sharing the good news of "God with us" was linked in almost every facet of His life and work, and CURE strives to be a 21st century expression of Jesus' 1st century healing ministry.

But what is the "kingdom of God", how do we recognize it when we see it, and how can we partner with God to proclaim it? Fortunately, Jesus addressed many of these questions, and it's the aim of this series of posts to humbly shed light on those answers through His own words.

Who is CURE? I’d guess your response is, “Gosh, if you don’t know, how do you expect me to know?”

Well my question was rhetorical, fortunately we do know.

We are the largest provider of reconstructive surgery to disabled children in the emerging world. Each year, we perform about 20,000 surgical procedures, over 90,000 since our first hospital opened in 1998. We do these in our 10 non-profit specialty surgical hospitals.

We also are the largest provider of both non-surgical and surgical correction of club feet in children. This coming year we will likely cast over 20,000 infant’s club feet. Because it allows these children to have normal productive lives, it is one of the most effective health care dollars spent.

We also provide health care management services. We deliver babies. We save the lives of children with water on the brain, over 5,000 life-saving surgeries… actually the best way to describe what we do is simple:

We heal the sick!

But there is another part to CURE. It is complimentary but indispensable. Sick people are frightened, and they should be because some will not survive their illness. They need spiritual comfort. Some are angry. It’s the “Why me?” syndrome. Is God punishing me? If so, is that fair? They need answers to questions that have been asked since man first emerged.

As a Christian organization, we can help them through this difficult time. For the last 2,000 years, what they are looking for has been called the “kingdom of God.” It is something to obtain in the future, but it also something here now. It is a reference to Jesus but is also within those who follow Him.

Helping people find that kingdom of God is the other half of what we do. So the answer to my question is simple:

CURE International, healing the sick and proclaiming the kingdom of God.

That’s our mission!

“and he sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.” – Luke 9:2

Posted by: Scott Harrison

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Scott Harrison, MD is the Founder of CURE International. He is an accomplished orthopedic surgeon, a teacher, and a veteran of the Vietnam War. He has served as the CEO, managing director, and board member of numerous successful companies throughout the health care field.Scott and his wife, Sally, founded CURE in 1996.




My visit to CURE Kenya last May 23-June 6, 2014 was a great experience thanks to CURE international particularly to Heather Hunter who facilitated my travel. Everything there was a learning experience: from assisting clubfoot surgeries to exchanging ideas with Drs. Joseph, Levis and Francis, admin secretary Anne Sikuku and executive director Peter Kaylo, Pastor Philip Mayo, spiritual director Christine, observing the workshop on clubfoot braces and even just going with my friendly drivers Stephen and Titus Ngoroge. The most humbling experience I had was however, realizing how God has worked in everyone’s lives in the hospital and creating wonders for all patients. Truly, God is true to His promise that if we seek first His kingdom and his righteousness, all our needs will be provided (Matt 6:33). I am most impressed by everyone’s great spirituality! God is really great. He has brought me to Kijabe to know how He works for people who love Him. To everyone, thank you very much for hosting me…Oh lest I forget, many thanks to our housekeeper, Grace. She is such a lovely and caring woman… It is my prayer that our loving God will also bless Tebow’s CURE Hospital in Davao City which in His time, will start to operate at the end of this year.Warm greetings. Dr. Badjun Reyes

Aquinata Agonga

My first time to see and read about you. you are doing a wonderful job keeping up with the statements of Jesus when I was sick you cared and visited me thank you very much for the good work. he knows each and everyone of us by name and pays us for all we do while down here


I am very impressed with the work you are doing. As a fellow believer I think it’s awesome how you are combining spreading Gospel with your medical treatment. I work for a charity hospital in Cambodia whose staff is faith-based, yet outreach doesn’t happen here–just medical treatment. Sometimes I feel like we need to be spreading the Word along with our medical work…


Its my first time to hear about CURE and i would love to join you atleast as a volunteer because i love helping out children and seeing them prospering in life. will be very glad joining CURE.may God reward you for the kind hearts displayed to those children.

kathurima julius

Hello to each and every staff of AIC cure international hospital kijabe! i thank you all for a wonderful and succesiful spine surgery carried out on 26/9/2012 to my daughter KATE KARIMI KATHURIMA.Under the care and guidance from our almighty GOD,the doctors did a wonderful job.Once more thank you and my God bless you.


I am the Lake Norman Branch Coordinator with Solace for the Children, a non profit that brings children from Afghanistan to the U.S. for medical care, primarily in our 6 week Summer Program-although some children come through our extended program. In December of 2011 the National Director, Patsy Wilson, and I visited AFG and your CURE hospital. We were able to spend time with the lead doctor there, seeking ways we could partner with CURE-mainly with children that need more help than what can be provided there. We were amazed at your hospital and what you are able to do for these beautiful children and families of Afghanistan. Our mission too is to heal the sick- we are “Building Peace on a Foundation of Health” thank you for what you are doing and may God bless all of your efforts.

Robbie Watkins

When doing surgeries in countries such as Afghanistan, are you able to tell people about Jesus?

Nimusiima Joan

Am grateful after reading about you its really amazing.Am a social worker by profession and love helping more especially vulnerable children.your work has encouraged me especially putting God first. I will tell this to many and i believe God will do something. Thank you very much

Lourdes L. Paragili

Am so glad to be one of the prayer partners of Cure… and am so happy that Cure will finally open a hospital in the Philippines, in Davao city at that… where I fortunately lived with my family… am so excited to see what God will do at Cure in Davao…
We need a hospital like Cure because we have lots of children who can benefit from it at the same time have the opportunity to hear the Gospel thru the spiritual ministry of Cure hospital…

Thanks for your affirmation and kind words Jane. We’re grateful for enthusiasm and partnership of people like yourself in supporting the work God is doing in and through CURE. Thank you for your being an advocate for us.

In the very truest sense, it is critical to what we do.

God bless,

Jane van der Westhuizen

I had not heard of your organisation before reading my daughter’s blog last week. She was recently involved in a training programme your organisation held in Zimbabwe where she is currently volunteering.

I have been so impressed with what I have read on your website. Your work is inspiring. I am a teacher and will be telling my students about your work.

Your work must bring great joy to God and you are certainly heeding His word to love one another and to proclaim His word and heal the sick. May you continually know His grace and favour on your work.

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