“Christmas in October” for CURE Dominican Republic

CURE Dominican Republic gets a new C-armCURE Dominican Republic gets a new C-arm

It’s Friday and the perfect time to finish out the week with glad tidings of great joy! This week, we received an update and pictures from CURE Dominican Republic. They’ve recently received a shipment of medical supplies from our headquarters in the U.S. That shipment contained one huge, valuable piece of equipment, a new C-arm! For those who don’t know medical lingo (I had to look it up), a C-arm is essentially a big, maneuverable x-ray camera used to show doctors a “live” picture of the patient’s bones on a TV screen while they operate. It’s an invaluable tool to a number of surgical disciplines – particularly orthopedic work.

Our interim medical director, Ted Beemer, described the arrival of the new C-arm as “Christmas in October!”

This device will help our medical staff do their jobs better – providing the highest quality care to the children and families who are in the greatest need.

CURE Dominican Republic gets a new C-arm

The excitement over the equipment’s arrival is just another example of the everyday experience of running a hospital in another part of the world, and it’s gratifying to see the results for someone like David Bell (CURE’s procurement and inventory manager) who spends 100 percent of his time acquiring, packaging and shipping these much-needed supplies to our hospitals.

Thanks for all your prayers and support of CURE International. This weekend please continue to remember our dedicated staff – in Santo Domingo and around the world.

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