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This semester, students at Mt. Olive College in North Carolina are doing more than studying and writing term papers — they are helping to transform lives!

Mt. Olive College Art for a Cause 1The college has a new course, Art for a Cause, the brainchild of Larry Lean, Professor of Art and Visual Communication at Mount Olive College. Recently, Professor Lean’s daughter, Katherine, went on a short-term trip to CURE’s hospital in Uganda. When she returned, she brought back the stories of the children at the hospital being treated for life-threatening hydrocephalus and other neurosurgical conditions. She also shared how the hospital staff taught the young patients’ mothers to make paper beaded jewelry.  This jewelry could then be sold to help pay for their child’s treatment. It is also a great skill that they can use for income when they return to their home villages.

After hearing his daughter’s stories,  the idea for Art for a Cause came to Professor Lean. “I want students to realize that creativity is a gift, and they should share these gifts – not for a self serving purpose, but to help others,” Lean said.  The students are using the  paper bead technique to create jewelry that will be sold at a silent auction at the end of the semester.  100% of the profits will go to CURE and providng life-changing surgery for children around the world.

“This class is so different because we are learning things beyond academics,” says Matt Stevens, a senior visual communications major from Mount Olive. “We are really making a difference with our art.”

Thank you Art for a Cause students.  You certainly are making a difference with your art!

For more information on Art for Cause, Art for a Cause.

Mt. Olive Art for a Cause 2

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