Abdul’s Story

Here is a story about a boy named Abdul from Afghanistan who was treated at our hospital in Kabul.

It happens with boys all over the world. One minute, they are playing together as best friends; the next they are tussling in the dirt. Shortly thereafter, except for a few scrapes and bruises, they are no worse for the wear.

This happened to 11-year-old Abdul one day as he was playing with some friends. A disagreement turned into a fight with another Afghan boy. After a few minutes, the fight was over, and he came home to dinner.

Something was wrong, however. His family noticed Abdul didn’t just have a few scrapes and bruises. He was having trouble breathing and soon developed a fever.

Abdul was taken to several local hospitals, but he showed no signs of improvement. With local options exhausted, the family’s best hope was to seek treatment in the city of Kabul, which was almost 200 miles away. Abdul and his grandparents made the long journey by bus. They soon came to the CURE International hospital.


Abdul and Alia

The grandparents were desperate to find answers for what was wrong with their grandson. The CURE staff was especially touched by the devotion of Abdul’s grandmother, Alia.

“At times she seemed like a lioness protecting her cub, brave and fearless, and then at other times, she couldn’t help crying,” recalled a CURE Kabul staff member.  “At these times we comforted her and told her that she was not alone.”

Abdul was given a chest X-ray, and doctors discovered a severe pleural effusion on one side of his lungs. They worked quickly to insert a chest tube to drain the fluid in his lungs. After a couple of weeks, Abdul was as good as new.

The care Abdul received made a lasting impression on his grandmother. “[She] thanked us many, many times and said that her whole family would never forget to pray for us for as long as they live,” said the CURE staff member.

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